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10 Reasons to Donate

10. To support a valued community institution.

Your contributions not only provide ACORN Clinic with much needed resources and financial support, but also show that you value our programs, services and your community.

9. Because the clinic needs your dollars!

ACORN Clinic is a non-profit 501c3 organization that depends on individual contributions and foundation support more and more as we expand our programs and the demand for our services increases each year.

8. The benefits you receive.

As a non-profit organization any contribution you make is 100 percent tax deductible; not to mention knowing that you have helped your community and your neighbors.

7. To help your neighbors.

The patients that depend on the services of ACORN Clinic are underserved, largely uninsured, low-income members of the community. Many of these patients have multiple chronic health conditions that would go undiagnosed and untreated without ACORN Clinic.

6. The programs…

ACORN Clinic offers general, primary and preventative health care, children’s and women’s health care, health education, occupational and physical therapy, dental care, and counseling, advocacy, and referrals.

5. For the children.

ACORN Clinic provides a dental outreach program to local elementary schools, as well as, immunizations and health education. Remember children are our future!

4. To invest in the future.

With the ever growing rise in insurance premiums, health care is becoming harder and harder for many minimum wage families to afford. But with your support we can help our community thrive and can make a difference in the lives of so many individuals.

3. ACORN Clinic provides care where others cannot!

While a large academic medical center and several other community hospitals are located in Alachua County, ACORN Clinic is the only provider of care in the northern, rural section of Alachua County. Each year more than 100 physicians, dentists, nurse practitioners, and dental hygienists volunteer their time to provide approximately $1.5 million in patient care, including specialty care and mental health counseling.

2. Because a few dollars can go a long way!

Take a look below at how little can provide so much!

1. Did we mention the specialty programs?

Better Babies & Birth Outcomes … Healthy Teeth Make Healthy Kids … Life Saving Mammograms … Living Longer, Preserving Our Oaks … Protecting Vulnerable Populations … Spreading Our Shelter … Message Therapy … Acupuncture …