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More Ways You Can Support the ACORN Clinic

Gifts of Stock – Thank you for your interest in and generous support for ACORN Clinic! A gift of stock is a great way to help ACORN Clinic reach out to new patients and maintaining our service to existing patients.Electronic delivery of stock shares is the most secure and expedient delivery process available and it provides efficient internal control as well as cost savings. However, you may also transfer certificates directly. To help you facilitate a gift of stock, please use the following instructions.Initiate the Transfer – There are two most common methods of gifting securities to ACORN Clinic. The first is Electronic Transfer, through which your Broker can transfer shares using the ACORN Clinic DTC number. The other is by physically mailing the paper certificates to ACORN Clinic. Either method is welcome, but it is necessary for you to contact your Broker to initiate the transfer process. Notification of Donor Intent – Regardless of the method chosen to deliver a gift of stock, the donor or the transferring broker must provide the following information, for audit and acknowledgment purposes:

  1. Donor’s name and complete address
  2. Name and number of securities transferred

Securities Delivered Electronically – The following information will enable your Broker to facilitate an electronic transfer of stock:

Brokerage: SEI Private Trust
Phone Number: (352) 337-8177
DTC Number: 2039
Account Name: ACORN Clinic
Organization Taxpayer ID#: 59-1627845
Account Number: 128801

Securities Delivered to ACORN Clinic by Mail – Mail your unendorsed certificate(s), by registered mail, to:

ACORN Clinic
Attn: Joseph Benton
23320 N. State Road 235
Brooker, FL 32622

If you have any further questions, please contact Joseph Benton, Executive Director, at (352) 485-2772 ext. 105. Again, many thanks for your interest in supporting the vision and work plan of ACORN Clinic!
*Note: When emailing please use Subject Line: “ACORN Clinic Sponsorship”